Sunday, 7 June 2020

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure

Indecisiveness is another sympton of anxiety and depression. In fact, deciding on the smallest of things can throw a depressed person into a complete meltdown.

Every day we have to make many decisions. Most of then are small. Shall I have tea or coffee? Shall I wear blue socks or black socks? Shall I put the radio on now? Shall I have lunch now or later? Under normal circumstances these sort of decisions are made almost automatically - but if you are depressed they can literally be agony. Why is this? Well - it's not known exactly why depression/anxiety causes indecision but it could be due to the fact that:

  •  depression strips you of a sense of hopefulness so you fear that any decision you make will be wrong. Subsequently, part of you may be trying to put off all decision making.
  • a general lowering of cognitive function (or brain fog) caused by depression may also impact upon decision making.
  •  depression can often cause a general feeling of pointlessness. Hence the internal dialogue: 'What's the point of making any decisions if I'm doomed anyway?'
  •  people with depression often lack motivation and a sense of reward for their actions - which tends to nullify any decision making process.
Curing  indecisiveness - like other depression-related symptoms is not esay. The hope is that if you can shift the depression then your decision making may return.

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