Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Mousehold Heath

Some days I walk the
Criss-cross trails here and let
The heath heal me.

Mousehold Heath is an area of woodland and heathland in north Norwich. Over the years it has been my go-to place when I needed some de-stressing. When things got bad at work I used to walk the trails here or take my mountain bike. There were certain places where I used to stop and absorb the healing vibes of nature. There was one particular hill where I used to crouch down - hidden from passers-by and just reground myself. The trails thread back and forth under the oak, silver birch and rowan trees and up over the heathery heathland sections. There is also a shallow pond that was once used by farmers as a watering hole for cattle they were bringing to market. Gnarled roots intrude on the footpaths; birds sing in the canopy and in summer the gorse is yellow with flowers. In the past, forty minutes over Mousehold was enough to fix me.

Mousehold Heath

Obviously, these days - it's more of a challenge. I went over this morning for a long walk. The sun was dappled through the leaves and the trails were dusty and dry. The chiffchaffs were singing and I even startled a green woodpecker. Being in nature does seem to improve my dizziness.

Gorse and Heather

My walking was fairly assured too. Depression acts as a kind of restricter on the speed one walks and the steepness one can tackle. It's like it's always trying to dial you back down to nothing. And the solution may be just to punch your way through the restriction. It doesn't like it when you stride ahead.

Now, I'm back at home typing this I can feel the effects of having walked. I actually feel more relaxed (which is unheard of for me) and my dark thoughts have slowed down too. Going back tomorrow for another fix.

Studies have shown that walking can be beneficial even for clinical depression.

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