Monday, 11 May 2020

In Your Corner

When depression strikes - it's our nearest and dearest who often bare the brunt of the care. If you are lucky you will find that certain people will be there for you in the dark days. For Matt Haig it was his girlfriend Andrea, for William Styron his wife, for Andrew Solomon it was his father. For me it was my partner Nicki and my sister Caroline.

When you're depressed, you don't always appreciate what other people are doing for you. You are too wrapped up in the pain. But, at the end of the day, it is often love that gets you through.

I hadn't been in contact with my sister very much over the years - but when I became ill I found that she was a life raft for me. She listened to hours of my most desperate ramblings on the phone. This provided a safety valve for me at the worst times. But it was Nicki who had to live with me through those years. She was stoic and resourceful and did so much for me. I just wanted to write a list of some of those things:

  • accompanied me to GP appointments
  • sat in with Crisis Team visits
  • visited me in hospital twice a day
  • reminded me to take my medication
  • gave me lists of things to do so I got moving
  • bought me self-help books
  • made sure I didn't miss my appointments
  • encouraged me to walk/cycle/volunteer/work
  • kept the house running 
  • took me to Happisburgh
  • took me on holiday
  • researched different therapies
  • rescued a dog
  • never gave up on me 

Thank you so much.

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